Just Be Yoga & Meditation Testimonials


"Great meditation and yoga studio! All instructors are amazing with their skills and provide excellent support and guidance to the amateurs, like myself, and veterans. The classes are catered to all skill levels and move at a high pace. I never really understood the power of meditation until I took my first class with Jenni (owner). During the heated vinyasa flow classes I escape my mind and travel to a place of balance and true self. The studio is one room with roll up doors that peak out to a beautiful wood deck. What a treat it is when the roll up door go up at the end of class to cool of the hot steamy room! Excellent workout with lots of sweat. Must check out this quaint studio!”  
-Megan G.

“This is an incredible new studio in an easily accessible area. I’m addicted to Jenni’s Vinyasa Flow! I’m honestly blessed to have found this gem.”
-Chrissy S.

“I have really enjoy my time spent at this yoga studio. My favorite class is a Vinyasa Flow on Monday 6:30pm!! It is a challenging class and the slight heat really allows for my muscles to relax. I’m an athlete that typically spends more time exercising and less time stretching. The instructors have really helped with poses and stretches to work on the tight areas which I often deal with from long runs and bike rides. The classes that this studio offers caters to all levels of yoga. The owner, Jenni, is very sweet and always has a smile on her face whether you are a frequent yogi or a brand newbie. If you are looking for a great new yoga studio, they offer a 30days for $30 deal. It is well worth the investment. Also, please say hello to my little pal Frankie who sits behind the desk most days!”
-Eric M.

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“WOW!  Yoga has never really been my favorite activity.  I took it in college and it didn’t really do it for me.  I’ve wanted to like it and have dibble dabbled at it here and there for years.  Tonight I gave Just Be Yoga a try on the recommendations of some friends who have raved about it.  It was an amazing class.  The studio atmosphere was so comfortable, not a metaphysical type atmosphere that I imagined it could have been.  The instructor was welcoming and guided us through a wonderful set of poses.  The pace was perfect, and I came out of it with this incredible feeling of being both energized and relaxed, a very special balance and well being.  I’m so looking forward to the next class.  Glad I finally tried this studio.”

“Love the small studio feel, jenny is super awesome and an amazing yoga teacher. Franky, the puppy running around is also so sweet and cute….
I really enjoy her flow sequence.. Nice sweat every time I go."
-Jamie Z.

“Capital amazing!  Love this studio as it is so beautiful, they did such an amazing job with designing it.  Really fun OR hard class options depending on what mood you are in.  I have had several classes that I have got a really good sweat on.  Enjoy!”  
-Kristine O.

“Sooooo happy to have finally found an East Bay Yoga home. I’ve been searching for a studio that holds a candle to the energetic, athletic, and authentic classes I’ve experienced in SF. The commercial feel of Yogaworks and the sleepy atmosphere of Yoga and Movement Center just weren’t cutting it. This place, however, is the real deal. So far, three teachers and three different, awesome, challenging classes. I love the upbeat atmosphere, the lovely scent in the air, and the welcoming, warm people.”
-Heather S.

“I signed up for the introduction deal 2 weeks ago and I absolutely love it.  I am a beginner in yoga but feel very much supported in all the classes. All the instructors are very personable and introduce themselveves when they know you are new. There are always modified poses so I never feel overwhelmed that I cannot keep up.  These classes have done wonders for my mental state as well as for my body.  I love the Sunday afternoon yin yoga class which prepares me for the Monday work day ahead.”
-Simone E.

“Such an amazing place!  I absolutely love the owner Jenni, she is a fantastic instructor, and such a nice person.  The studio space is warm and inviting and there are always tons of great workshops! I didn’t know that most of the vinyasa classes are heated the first time I went, but the yin yoga is not. Be sure to check out Vinyasa and Vino the third Thursday of every month,  you will love this place!”

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“I’ve been doing yoga for over 3 years and I love the atmosphere and classes that Just Be Yoga studio has to offer. They make classes as challenging or as easy as you request and there is an awesome lineup of teachers working here. It’s not all about just the yoga, but the instructors provide you with little gems to help you set the intention of your week or day. It’s conveniently located and I never have a problem with parking or finding a spot for my mat. Great little studio in the community!”
-Veronica C.

“Hands down my favorite studio! This beautifully designed space instantly puts you in a state of zen, allowing you to take time for yourself and be in your happiest place. The welcoming atmosphere, calm vibes, and positive energy will hook you on the spot. Jenni and all the other teachers truly care and want to get to know each person that walks through the door. A variety of classes are offered: vinyasa flow, yin, and meditation. Keep your eye out for the Vinyasa and Vino class that happens once a month, my personal favorite of a sweaty vinyasa followed by wine, snacks, and great company.”
-Savina B.

“This is a fantastic studio in Walnut Creek. Jenni couldn’t be a better motivator , but she has such a great demeanor! Went in initially with aches and pains and after a couple month of Yin yoga, I feel SO much better…physically and mentally. She really teaches you to listen to your body AND she really tunes into all of us in our  own practice. She tailors  the daily practices to what we need.  I would give her more stars if I could. This isn’t like the other impersonal gyms or yoga studios. Jenni truly knows each of her clients.”
-Nancy R.

“I am so lucky to live nearby this fantastic studio.  The space is everything a yoga studio should be…peaceful and relaxing!  Jenni’s vinyasa and yin classes are fantastic.  All of the other instructors are great too and parking is super easy”!
-Kristine K.

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“Just Be Yoga is an amazing little oasis in Walnut Creek. It is so intimate and cute it seriously fels like a home away from home. And not only that but Jenni is incredible. She has a way of making your entire day better through the poses the music the warmth and the ambiance. The fact that she had the worlds cutest puppy who loves to take in classes doesn’t hurt either! Love love love this place! Be sure to check it out ASAP!”
-Bree K.

“Awesome instructors and delicious classes.  I love the energy in this studio.  From the moment I walk down the alley towards the studio, I begin to feel myself coming down ten notches and leaving the stresses of the day behind.  The new student special is a great way to sample as many classes as you want to in 30 days.  At the end of my 30 day pass, I signed up.  I never thought I would leave my gym, but the workouts I am getting at Just Be are far more rewarding.  The students here are extremely friendly and respectful as well.  It’s my new happy place!”
-Melissa C.

“I love this place! Beautiful studio with one wall of windows opening up to a lovely courtyard. Jenni is great and I’ve enjoyed all of the classes here. Plus parking is easy!” ~Bryn K.

“So excited for Just Be to open in Walnut Creek! I visited their location in Modesto and fell in love, but I live here in WC. Boulevard Circle will be an awesome location, I go there often to my florist…convenient and easy parking (especially compared to anything downtown).”

“Attended my 2nd class here tonight. The space is comfortable and inviting. It’s tucked behind Wish gift store. It’s definately unique and it opens out to a nice patio area. I opted for the $30 for 30 days unlimited for newbies. Jenni and Malia are great instructors and look forward to taking more classes.”

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