JBY Personal Sanctuary Movement 
November 18th - November 23rd

 To kick off this holiday season, we are starting a movement of self-love. We commit to show up for ourselves by devoting one hour a day to creating and guarding our Personal Sanctuary. We'd love for you to join us!

Want to join?

The JBY Personal Sanctuary Movement will help us hold ourselves accountable to creating personal time, and also inspire others to do the same. We will be sharing how we are spending the one hour each day that we have protected for just for ourselves, and we hope that you will too!

Join the movement:
  • Follow Just Be Yoga on Facebook and Instagram
  • From November 18th - 23rd, keep an eye out for guidance and inspiration on how to create and protect your Personal Sanctuary
  • Participate and support the community by sharing and posting how you use your daily Personal Sanctuary
  • Be sure to use #JBYPersonalSanctuary and tag @justbeyoga so we can follow you and be inspired by your sanctuary
  • Make your commitment official (see below) 

       Bonus! As a special offering for participating in the Personal Sanctuary Movement, we will pick one random winner from participants who shared their Personal Sanctuary journey all five days to receive a gift from Just Be Yoga. 

A note from Jenni and Malia:

With the holiday seasons almost here, we have been reflecting on how life is moving at a speed that we would define as "too fast" - largely because we fill every moment with work, teaching, meetings, events, workshops, family, friends, life - you get the picture. And while all of these things fill us up and are truly blessings, "It is time to protect and guard our personal time," as Jenni profoundly shared. In saying "yes" to everything, we often are left feeling depleted - energetically, physically, emotionally and spiritually. And we realize that this could progressively intensify, especially with the holidays coming.

As teachers, we encourage the importance of stillness, self-care, reflection, creating space, relaxation, healthy boundaries, and rest, but we have not been doing these things for ourselves. The challenge is not in creating space for this in our schedule. The challenge lies in guarding the time we have in our schedule for self-love. Does this resonate with you? Are you the last person you create time for? Do you easily give up all of your free time to others at the expense of your own well being?

      So, in order to show up powerfully for others, we are committing to show up for ourselves by devoting one hour of each day this holiday season to creating and guarding our "Personal Sanctuary." And we invite you to join us!

With love.
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