Just Be Yoga Mentorship & Apprenticeship Program

Did you complete your yoga teacher training a long time ago and are now are too nervous to  teach? Did you just complete your training and are not feeling prepared to teach? Perhaps you are auditioning at studios and aren’t getting called back. Maybe you have been teaching for years and need more inspiration or want to gain confidence and strength in certain areas. Do you just want to shake things up a bit?

The best way to guide your students to transform their lives is to lead by example. The best teachers are the ones that embrace being lifelong students. In any case, this program is for you. And when we say "for you, "we mean it. This program is personally tailored for YOU.

The Just Be Yoga Fearlessly Authentic Mentorship & Apprenticeship Program: an opportunity for yoga teachers with their 200-RYT or more to work one-on-one with a masterful and seasoned yoga teacher that will support and uplift you to build your own confidence and hone your authentic voice to create transformational classes for your students. The mentorship program is specifically tailored to address what you want to work on and gain confidence in. The program will be one month in duration with flexible hours agreed upon by you and your mentor. An example the one-month mentorship program is below, with flexibility in the structure based on your needs. After one month of mentorship, if you decide that more time is needed, you can enroll in an additional month.

One-on-One Mentorship Sessions

You will meet with your mentor four times in a single month for a one-hour discussion session. This can be in person or via Skype. These sessions will be structured to support your goals and discuss your progress. This meeting may include you practice teaching and/or practice assisting your mentor. You will also be given reading, writing, reflection and research assignments in between sessions that are tailored to your needs.

Examples of topics that can be addressed during your sessions are:
  • Theming
  • Sequencing
  • Workshop Creating
  • Asana
  • Lines of energy
  • Energy work
  • Meditation
  • Ideas for each section of a class
  • Chakras
  • Chanting
  • Assisting
  • Marketing
  • Branding
  • Networking
  • Retreats

The Mentors
Requests for a specific mentor will be evaluated to ensure that you are paired with a mentor who will best serve your needs through their unique expertise.


You will take two asana classes per week, either both with your mentor or one with another teacher that your mentor recommends. A membership to Just Be Yoga for the duration of your mentorship program is included in the cost of the program.

Observe and Assist*
You will observe and take notes your mentor’s class and have a brief discussion afterwards to answer any questions that may have arisen regarding sequencing, assists, theming.
*If you have completed JBY TT or the JBY Assisting program you will assist one of your mentor’s classes.

At the end of your month, you will lead a full length community class at Just Be Yoga attended by your mentor and will receive feedback and coaching from your mentor.

This program is open to those who:
  • Have completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training program (or equivalent)
  • Have completed the questionnaire at the bottom of this form 

Mentorship Pricing
Can be split between two payments:
  • $800 with a completed 200-hour training at Just Be Yoga 
  • $1000 with a completed 200-hour training at another location
Please fill out credit card information below. 

Thank you for your willingness to expand your practice and explore ways to deepen as both a student and teacher!

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