Creating and Protecting Space

Recently, I was told:

The challenge lies not in making space or time for creativity;
the challenge lies in protecting and guarding your space to make time for creativity.

This message landed powerfully. I have been receiving a flood of inspiration and this strong urge to get it out and share it with others. I wake up at two in the morning with downloads of inspiration - it comes through when I am driving, when I am meditating. It fills my journals and has been for the past year. I talk about the idea and get others excited about it, and that’s where it stops. The moment my computer opens I get sucked into the 400 unread emails, the temptations of social media, and the to-do’s to support the Just Be Yoga community.

Guarding and protecting my space for creativity is the missing key!
The emails, missed calls, social media surfing that distract me for hours is simply that - a distraction. In a way it’s self-sabotage. It steals my time, my energy, and my creative space. My soul and spirit are bursting to express, create, and share. It is time to guard and protect my time for the things that light and fill me up, and that are ready to be shared.


What lights you up? What is your spirit craving?
Stillness? Creativity? Movement? Inspiration? Connection?

What is getting in the way?

What keeps you from doing the thing(s) your spirit is craving?

What 3 things can you do to protect and guard your time?

Here is a place to start
  • Find a comfortable seated meditation.
  • Close your eyes Connect to your breath. 
  • Observe the sensations of breath in your body.
  • Ask your self the questions (above) with all your attention drawn inwards, listening to the answers that come from within.
  • Move past the mind, the small self, and ask your soul. Your soul speaks in many ways: Notice the feelings that come up as you receive the answers, or images you see, messages you hear, or a knowing without a doubt.
  • After you’ve explored these questions in meditation open your eyes and journal about what felt, heard, saw, know.

Blessings and Gratitude,