Mel Salvatore-August

Mel Salvatore-August instructs the following:
  • Power Hour Flow
  • Is finding 90 minutes in your day for yoga a challenge? No worries -we offer Power Hour Flow: A condensed; fast paced hot vinyasa practicewith an upbeat vibe. Lengthen, strengthen, tone and breathe,getting the most out of your practice in just 60 minutes of mindfuleffort. ALL Levels, classes are suitable for intermediate students. The basic postures are expanded to include more difficult variations and may be described with less detail. The class will flow at a faster pace.Vinyasa Flow is a dynamic yoga experience and the signature style of Just Be Yoga. The room is heated to 85 to 90 degrees so your body is warmed, allowing for deeper stretching. Teachers vary. Some play music. Some don’t. Be open, willing, and loving. Bring a towel and water bottle. Give yourself permission to rest, modify, or go deeper. Honor your body and your practice.