Amelia Andaleon

Amelia experienced yoga for the first time at 11 years old during a 6th grade PE class and it taught her the power of creating calm from within through breath and intention. As a competitive soccer player and active nature girl, she thought yoga was boring and something she could do when she got older. Then, after a diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome she tried her first Baptiste power vinyasa yoga class which literally brought her to her knees, from the physical challenge and tears from emotional release. It was like nothing she experienced before and it was the beginning of a journey of transformation of growth, healing and an unexpected career as a yoga instructor. Amelia left her stressful corporate IT job and transitioned into creating job she loves as a Yoga Alliance 500hr Registered Yoga Teacher and Tier 2 Certified Baptiste Teacher. Amelia specializes in Baptiste power vinyasa classes and also teaches yin yoga and kids yoga. She teaches classes, workshops, retreats, and often assists programs for the Baptiste Institute. Amelia’s vinyasa classes leave you feeling like every drop of sweat and tension is left on your mat. And, her relaxing meditation, yin and yoga nidra classes are a tonic for your heart and soul. She weaves storytelling, meditation, and essential oils into her classes and believes in empowering her students to become the leaders of their own lives, directors of their own stories, authors of their own dreams.


Why yoga?
Yoga has literally healed my body, through eliminating the symptoms of my chronic fatigue and healing shoulder injuries from car accidents. Yoga and meditation have eased my scattered and agitated thoughts; yoga is like a massage for my central nervous system. I created a new habit to respond to everyday life with intentional, conscious pauses, instead of reacting from a place of imbalance and habitual unconscious behavior. Yoga gives me balance, resiliency and flexibility in my body, mind and spirit. Yoga elevates my roles as a mom, wife, friend, and compassionate human being on this planet.

Who or what inspires you?
My daughter. There is nothing in my life which has motivated me to be the best version of myself more than me wanting to be an inspiring role model for my daughter. Ironically, as much as I’ve expected myself to be her inspirational teacher, I’ve grown and learned so much from child-like wisdom she imparts, and the humility I’ve gained since parenting serves my ego on a platter like humble-pie! My supportive husband inspires me through his ability to create generous space for my dreams and passions. And, Baron Baptiste, my first yoga teacher trainer. I’m grateful he created a vinyasa style and teaching methodology which made me fall in love with yoga enough of WANT to practice it, teach it, and always come back to my mat with a beginner’s mind...I always have room in my life for self-discovery and expansion into possibility.

Three adjectives that describe you and your teaching style:
Fiery. connected. joyful.

Where are you the most fearlessly authentic in your life?
In nature and travelling. Whether I’m hiking in my hometown of Port Angeles, Washington, walking barefoot on the sand, surfing in Panama, backpacking in the Himalayas, or sea kayaking in Hawaii...touching what was created by the Universe is where my heart sings and my soul soars.


What is something not a lot of people know about you?
That yoga did not come easily to all. Because I’m petite and I love to dance it’s often assumed that I have a gymnastics or dance background, and none of that is true. I tried out for gymnastics in junior high and I was benched; I couldn’t do a wheel (urdhva dhanurasana) as a teenager and I believed my spine was made of rebar. As a teen I already developed self-limiting beliefs about my body. I am more flexible now, in my 50s, than I was as a teenager! If I can do yoga, ANYONE can do yoga and because of my challenging yoga journey, I can teach yoga to ANY BODY!

Amelia Andaleon is currently not instructing any classes.