Channa Dassanayaka

Channa Dassanayaka
Northcote, Melbourne, Australia

Channa Dassanayaka is an internationally respected author, meditation and yoga teacher. Raised in the Buddhist tradition, he is a prolific figure in today’s world, who has won the hearts of many for his humor, and close relationship with Western Culture.

Born in Colombo, Sri Lanka on March 24th, 1969, his parents both dignitaries who also raised two older sons, had servants and a class system that Sri Lanka is known for. In the early 1990’s Channa immigrated to Australia and became known for his rich culturally inspired cooking that was heavily influenced by is grandmother. Shi Lankan Flavours: A journey Through The Island’s Food and Culture was written by Channa, and gave us a glimpse into how he artfully lives life, while living in truth.

Channa is also the founder of Dassanayaka Yoga, a style of yoga that weaves meditation, breath work, and the physical practice into a slow vinyasa flow that is open to beginners and advanced students. Channa has the reputation for being the teacher’s teacher.
Compassion for self, and others is heavily placed inside of the Dassanayaka Yoga practice, allowing the space of the heart to experience deeper healing and depth.

Channa is a true visionary of our time, imaginative, generous, and an extremely humble human being. He embodies extraordinary richness that reach beyond the immediate and encompass spiritual depths that are celebrated and accessible for the modern mind.

The collective conscious community within Australia and the world that beloved teacher has anchored spans a diverse crowd from all walks of life. Australia’s finest and decorated are in his classes daily, but one would never know it, as this Sangha breeds humbleness from the depth of the teachings that are offered to them daily, that seems to reflect the quality of their teacher and their teaching.

Channa Dassanayaka instructs the following:
  • Witnessing Grace: Yoga Nidra with Channa Dassanyaka
  • After a gentle asana practice Channa will guide us on a journey to our inner sanctum. A state of consciousness between waking and sleeping--this is also referred to as yogic awareness which straddles both paths. Yoga Nidra is powerful as it connects us to the divine, and true self within, where a state of poetic inspiration enables one to receive intuitions from the unconscious mind, which is also the source of some of the most creative scientific discoveries. Einstein accelerated his awareness to the speed of light in the famous 'thought experiments' which led to the theory of relativity.

    To receive intuitions inside of Yoga Nidra gives us an opportunity to feel our true nature and integrity manifesting, where artfully living life becomes meaningful and peaceful in any environment.
    With the venerable Channa at the helm, the blend of Nidra and his presence is indescribable, and has to be experienced to be truly understood as a realization.

    Having all three Yoga Nidra experiences is effective in going deeper to relieve any anxiety and/or depression.

    $55 per session

    $125 all three sessions

    If you are interested in attending all three please email

  • Live Your Truth
  • Living in Truth.
    A master class for ALL

    Are you tired of the baloney of your mind taking over? Are you ready to move into the places where space, grace and acceptance live?

    The time is now. You are ready.

    Please join us in welcoming Internationally renowned teacher, Channa Dassanayaka, who is very special to our Just Be community, for an afternoon of, ritual, asana, breathing, and relevant teachings to support our modern life.

    Channa’s teachings don't go unnoticed inside of any demographic, or economic position. These Teachings are of all of us, beginners, teachers, or seasoned practitioners alike. This special afternoon is no exception, as we take a journey into the depth of our being nature. Siting in the silence, and not the knowledge, with glimpses into our truth. Not so much who we are, but rather who we are not, and what untruths have been molded inside of us, in a very private and nurturing way.

    With a variety of gifts to share Channa is a master of the Sri Lankan cuisine, and will whip up for us a nutritious and energized vegetarian meal to share amongst the conscious group.

    Saturday October 14th
    Just Be Yoga - Walnut Creek

    Cost: $108
    All proceeds go to costs associated with Channa’s travel. May the energy of this exchange be multiplied and flow back into the strengthening of our community by allowing these teachings to be available at times when we need them the most, liberating each one of us from within.