Nicole Harrow & Lakshmi Norwood

Nicole Harrow & Lakshmi Norwood instructs the following:
  • TAPAS: The Transformative Power of Hatha Yoga
  • Join Nicole Harrow and Lakshmi Norwood on a journey driving deeper into the practice of yoga.
    As a complete scientific system, Hatha Yoga provides a powerful context for personal growth. In this all-levels workshop, you will explore some of Hatha Yoga’s essential principles such as harmonizing the body with the earth’s force, building strength in the feet and legs and generating inner heat, which purifies and prepares one for higher states of consciousness. Some of the essential practices will be introduced and discussed, laying a strong foundation for developing further experience and knowledge.
    All levels welcome
    $45 members 
    $50 non-members 
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    About Lakshmi:
    Lakshmi Angela Norwood, M.Ed. is a spiritual mentor, teacher and practitioner of Hatha Yoga and Patanjali’s classical Raja Yoga. Her student-mentor relationship with Mukunda Stiles cultivated a deep interest in philosophy, Tantra, Ayurveda and Advaita Vedanta. Long-term study of Hatha Yoga with Mark Horner has generated a fascination with the art of teaching and a deep appreciation of the physical form. Lakshmi’s early career as a family therapist and social worker generates a compassionate, creative backdrop for adapting yoga techniques and principles to a wide variety of individual practitioners.