Jessica Corotan

Hip hop had my heart from the moment i purchased my first cassette tape. Young MC: Bust a Move...oh I felt it hard. Growing up my sisters and i were endlessly in the kitchen making up dance routines. I never took dance classes but i grew up loving the vibration of bass and beats and feeling rhythm and movement in my body.The sensation i feel when i’m flowing in a vinyasa class replicates the high i feel when i’m dancing my heart out, no care in the world just me and the beat. My body moves and flows in a sensation of freedom and expression that reminded me of being a kid, and also the one at the club that was downing waters so i could dance until the lights came on. Hip Hop Yoga is a energetic blend of two things that i love so much. The commonality is that it doesn't matter how you move or dance it's just the willingness to let go so much that bliss is the only option.

Jessica Corotan is currently not instructing any classes.