Jenni Wendell & Kara Potts

Jenni Wendell & Kara Potts instructs the following:
  • ThetaHealing Play Date
  • Hey Earth Angels!
    We would like to personally invite YOU to a day retreat full of wonder and magic. Come have a play date with the elementals. Discover sacred plant ceremony, how to connect with nature on a deeper level (faeries anyone??), strengthen your healing abilities and intuition.
    •You will receive and practice healing on your fellow ThetaHealers
    • Learn how to facilitate a healing on animals
    • Go inside plants and crystals for a deeper connection
    • Recommit or build upon your self healing ritual
    As this is the bridge between ThetaHealing® Basic and Advanced, the Basic ThetaHealing® certification is a prerequisite. It is an amazing opportunity to fine tune your ThetaHealing® skills and clarify and clear any blocks.
    We will hold this space for a minimum of 10 people, but only open it to 20 for a more intimate experience.
    We are excited to support you and strengthen your confidence to continue doing this work. Awakening your next level of magic in your every day life!
    Date: Saturday July 29, 2017
    Time: 2 - 8 PM
    Cost: $222
    With love & juju,
    Jenni, Kara & Franky the Spirit Animal