Anthea Pressler

Why Yoga?
At this point, I truly can’t imagine my life without it. Yoga came into my life as a form of physical exercise, nothing more than a good sweat with the added benefit of gaining flexibility. Slowly, its teachings and way of life crept its way into my world and changed everything. Yoga has, and continues to, pull me out my lowest times, remind me of my own strength, deeply connect me to my body, and challenge me to grow in all areas of my life. My mat has become my safe space, a place I return to day after day to play, process and grow - physically, mentally and spiritually.

Who or what inspires you?
The women I’m currently surrounded with! I’m constantly in awe of, and inspired by, the connection of the tribe I’m surrounded by. Uplifting and supporting one another in a way I never dreamed of. Living and moving from the HEART.


Three adjectives that describe you and your teaching style…
Connected. playful. passionate.


Where are you the most fearlessly authentic in your life?
Is it silly if I say that right now it’s on my mat? On my mat I don’t play small. I’m not fearful of being judged. I explore what’s possible, play and experience. I take rest when I need it and I’m not afraid to cry. On my mat I show up exactly how I am in that moment. Yeah, on my mat - and that’s okay, I know it creeps into all other areas of my life.


What is something not a lot of people know about you?
I moved A LOT growing up. Every two years or so. I’ve lived all over the US, in Switzerland and in Australia. One day I’ll make it back to Australia!

Anthea Pressler instructs the following:
  • Karma Class - Gentle Flow
  • Free Karma Class to raise money for Sparrows Nest to help the fight against human trafficking.
    Karma classes are our same Gentle Flow classes. Instead of memberships or class passes we only accept donations for them. Each quarter a local charity or cause is selected to receive ALL of the PROCEEDS from these classes.
    Suggested Donation $10
    Gentle Flow is offered in a non-heated room. This blissful practice focuses on moving slowly into basic yoga poses while using the breath as a tool to remain present and mindful. The slow pace of this class allows you to enjoy each pose. Expect lots of stretching and lengthening with a heavy dose of relaxation to wrap up your practice and leave you feeling great. Classes are suitable for beginners as well as advanced students.

  • Movement & Meditation
  • Awaken to your seat. 
    This class will take you on a journey to raise your vibration and discover your bliss. Offering a beautiful balance of doing and just being. You will journey through movement - sometimes self-led, sometimes guided - ending with a meditation that will leave you feeling balanced, connected, whole and awake.

  • Vinyasa Flow - All Levels
  • Dynamic flow-based yoga. Recommended for those having a familiarity with Sun Salutations A and B.

    Power Vinyasa flow is a rigorous, sweaty yoga practice stemming from the ashtanga tradition. Poses are held for shorter periods of time and will link one breath with motion, creating a dynamic and fluid ‘meditation in motion.’ This is a hot, sweaty fun practice often set to fun, fluid, dynamic music. You will leave inspired and ready to shine off the mat!

    Room heated to 85-88 degrees.