Jessica Micheletti & Jenni Wendell & Liani Moore

Jessica Micheletti & Jenni Wendell & Liani Moore instructs the following:
  • Chakras, Oils & Affirmations
  • A powerful balancing experience for advanced and beginning spirituals alike. This practice offers a magical experience for healing the "whole self" using essential oils, affirmations, and a sweet yin practice with live chakra balancing acoustic guitar music by Liani Moore to help clear and connect you to your chakras. You will leave feeling whole, complete and smelling heavenly! Bring any props (blanket, eye pillow, bolster, etc.) that create a comfortable and safe space for you to practice with ease and go deep within
    The seven major chakras are our primary centers of life force energy. Each chakra has its own unique function and, in disharmony, has its own characteristic symptoms.

    In this dynamic workshop, you will learn about the chakra system and energetic properties of essential oils. You will learn how to identify when a chakra is in disharmony and how to determine which essential oil(s) would best clear a given chakra. You will experience an essential oil chakra clearing coupled with restorative yin poses to bring all 7 chakras into harmony.

    “It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves” – Edmund Hilary