Be Intuitive

This class is taught by:

Bryn O'Connor

I am a deeply intuitive person and had many spiritual experiences growing up that I did not understand at the time. I struggled with mental health issues for many years because of this gift I had. I studied Marriage and Family Therapy and began practicing working with children and families, when my intuitive gifts started opening more. I felt that I could not integrate these experiences being a traditional therapist so I began studying the art of channeling and energy work. I soon had a full-time practice of giving intuitive readings and energy healings. Now, my passion is in teaching others how to open to their intuitive gifts and learn how to care for the sensitive part of their nature. I am thrilled to be offering this class at Just Be!

Why yoga?
Yoga is the best therapy around! It's rescued me from anxiety and depression and has helped me find true self-acceptance. Yoga is the way I cleanse myself from all of the extra energy I gather throughout my day and restores me to a place of openness and peace.

Who or what inspires you?
Truthfulness inspires me, people who are in alignment with who they really are and aren't afraid to show it!


Three adjectives that describe you and your teaching style:
Honest. loving. grounded.


Where are you the most fearlessly authentic in your life?
Motherhood is where I show myself most authentically. My children are my mirrors and they ground me in the present moment in a way that nothing else can!


What is something not a lot of people know about you?
I'm deeply sensitive and I need alone time in order to feel balanced. And I have very poor vision and grew up wearing thick glasses!

You are Intuitive!
Join Bryn O’Connor, former Therapist, Educator and Intuitive Channel in uncovering your intuitive gifts. The intuitive senses are like muscles that build the more we practice using them. This class is designed to help us gain insights into ourselves by learning how to receive intuitive messages. This class is great for anyone at any level who would like to learn how to expand on their natural gifts, practice meditation, and experience self growth in a gentle and supportive way. This 60 minute class will include lessons, guided meditation, and discussion.